House of Genius

Last spring I attended my first House of Genius event in DUMBO across the street from our space.  The beer was cold, the pizza was hot and the people in the room were awesome.  I also loved that no one revealed their identity until the end of the event – it kept people on their toes to see if they could pick up clues into their panel-mates’ backgrounds throughout the session.
I left feeling satisfied with the evening and the connections I made – not always a given in NYC’s watered down networking scene.  After the event, I stayed in touch with the organizers and learned that they were a global organization with a pretty impressive history in New York City.
A few months later, House of Genius approached DUMBO Startup Lab about hosting their events and we jumped at the chance.  Now three sessions in, it’s safe to say we’re happy with our decision.  The partnership has brought interesting panelists providing assistance to a diverse mix of early-stage companies into our space and many of our community members have participated in one way or another.
The next session at DUMBO Startup Lab is October 24th.  For more info or to apply, visit House of Genius Brooklyn.  They also host events across the river but it doesn’t take a genius to know that DUMBO is much cooler.