Hack Upon A Cause

The worst Super Bowl ever is done and in NYC we’re currently enjoying a 24 hour break between major winter storms.  Is anyone in town NOT suffering from a bad case of the winter blues?

If you’re looking for something to do to break out of the funk, check out Hack Upon A Cause: Powered by XO Group.

This innovative hackathon has the ambitious goal of building of sustainable technological solutions to better the lives of women around the world.  How do they do this?  24 hours of building web & mobile apps to help four amazing non profits solve a unique set of real world problems that women and teens encounter both locally and globally every day.  You can about Hack Upon A Cause and the organizations who will benefit from the hackathon here: http://xogrouphackathon.eventbrite.com/.

If you’re a hacker, programmer or designer and want to use your skills for good in 2014, why not get started this weekend?